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Decks Arbors Benches


Decks are an integral part of your yard.  They are a place to relax, entertain, and to just enjoy the rest of the yard.  There are many design options, and styles.  They can also be integrated to be a functional part of the landscape.
We can design around pre-existing, or create a plan for a new area.


An arbor is an arched covering over a path or walkway.  They can add mystery, and intrigue to a well designed landscape, almost as if adding a door to another world.  There are also many variations on arbors, some are for walking through, some have a bench in them so they offer a shady place to sit and relax.  Others may simply offer a suggested path.  No matter the function, the form is always important.


Benches and seating areas are very important to any complete landscape design.  They allow you to enjoy the outdoors, and to relax in peace.  They can also add another dimension to the landscape, and many are not only functional but aesthetic.
By adding areas meant for sitting you are inviting people to relax, take a minute, and enjoy the beauty that is all around.